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We are dedicated to become instrumental to the world's most significant technology and scientific advancements.

Mraen believes in making a difference. We are a diverse corporation, including individuals with expertise in software development, robotics, engineering, science, research, consulting and information technology.

Mraen puts its clients first and takes on our clients problems as if they were our own. As professionals, we put the pursuit of our clients best interests ahead of any other consideration.

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  • We love our clients. Our clients love us.
  • We believe in excellence in all that we do.
  • We get repeat business from over 85% of our clients.
  • We work directly and closely with our clients.
  • We will always be here to support you.
  • We love what we do.
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Founder & CEO

Aleran Hietria MRAEN

Why we are the best?

"As MRAEN, we are always at the top of the most advanced sectors of technology and science. We are quick to investigate and implement new technologies. We ensure that our customers always use the best systems with the highest level of technology. We love the work we do and we are working very hard. Everyone would want to have the best service there is from a professional team that is the most knowledgeable, efficient, strongest service providing with technology and science. And we are the best!"

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Software Development

We design our projects with a magnificent creativeness, a great self-devotion and the latest technology modern solutions. We add our love until our projects are excellent and complete.

Data Security

Each project is created separately to provide the most advanced protection against all kinds of internal and external threats of our data security services and optimized according to requirements.

Data Center Solutions

With our constantly evolving modern data center services, our user friendly administrator panels and our state-of-the-art technology servers, we support your projects at light speed and in the quality of MRAEN.

Web Development & Design

We develop and design our websites so creative, professional and optimize them for search engines so well, even the little search engine robots loves our websites and never leaves them!

Mobile Development & Design

Our award-winning developers will take your ideas to build iPhone, Android and Windows applications with strong architecture, professional functionality and creative, innovative designs.

Online Marketing & Optimization

Creating a winning digital marketing strategy for eCommerce can be a tricky thing to achieve and it's especially hard to know where to start. Let us help you build your strategy and your website!

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